Welcome to CaliforniaSolar 

Our Mission is stated on the homepage:  CaliforniaSolar is developed as a one-stop site for news, policy developments, analysis, research, and data on this fast growth solar industry.

The solar professionals and enthusiasts who have contributed to the development of this site believe this is necessary for three basic reasons.

First, CaliforniaSolar is created as a site where widely dispersed news and information regarding solar developments in California can be conveniently accessed. Googling the phrase “California, Solar” will yield over 150,000 sites with products, news, opinions, research and events. We don’t claim that CaliforniaSolar will replicate the content of all these sites, but we are committed to providing detailed information on current events, new developments, and the general state of the industry in a timely, concise, and organized manner so that you can find what you are seeking without undue effort. We will provide information with brief summaries and links to further reading so that our visitors can quickly identify if an article or information source appears to fit what they are seeking.

Second, we have repeatedly been amazed at the volume of insightful studies and research that surface from time to time, but which are often buried in corners of websites visited only by specialists. CaliforniaSolar is created to make this information more accessible to the broader public, be you professional, writer, student or informed layman. Again, we seek to organize this information by topic and with brief abstracts or summaries to simplify your search and access process.

Finally, we believe there is need for a forum for exchange of ideas on solar developments, information, and events. Yes, there are already some excellent opportunities for discussion on selected websites, but these typically focus on a narrow range of topics. As this site matures, we look forward to providing space for users to offer analysis, opinions, or experienced user input on emerging issues, news items, information sources and events. To paraphrase the 125 year old saying by New York Times owner Adolph Ochs, we seek to provide information and insights “without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect, or interests involved.”

CaliforniaSolar has no commercial interests; we don’t provide product or sales information as we are not seeking profit from sales or promotional activities. We believe climate change is real and a serious threat to maintaining a habitable planet. We believe Solar Energy is part of the solution to this challenge. We see that California has a key role in domestic and international developments, and what happens here as a laboratory for new ideas is important to share. We welcome you to the process of following and understanding developments as these unfold on the pages of this website.

Gerald W. Bernstein
Managing Editor

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