California Decision Means Rooftop Solar Owners Have Choices

By Amanda H. Miller,

A new California regulation that allows companies to package energy from small producers and sell it on the wholesale market is good news for the long-term viability of rooftop solar.

As utilities push back against paying the full retail rate for the power solar customers feed onto the grid, some expect the popularity of rooftop solar to wane. News outlets this week have noted that the meteoric rise of rooftop solar could slow when the 30 percent national investment tax credit declines in 2016 and as utilities reduce net metering payments.

But the cost of solar panels has continued to decline and business innovators have continued to come up with creative new ways to make solar affordable. So, just as utility companies prepare to reduce net metering benefits, private industry swoops in with a viable solution that could keep the rooftop solar industry growing 50 percent a year in California.

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