Power generation from solar PV increased by a record 179 TWh in 2021, marking 22% growth on 2020. Solar PV accounted for 3.6% of global electricity generation, and it remains the third largest renewable electricity technology behind hydropower and wind.  

China was responsible for about 38% of solar PV generation growth in 2021, thanks to large capacity additions in 2020 and 2021. The second largest generation growth (17% share of the total) was recorded in the United States, and third largest in the European Union (10%). Solar PV proved to be resilient in the face of Covid-19 disruptions, supply chain bottlenecks and commodity price rises experienced in 2021 and achieved another record annual increase in capacity (almost 190 GW). This, in turn, should lead to further acceleration of electricity generation growth in 2022.  

However, reaching an annual solar PV generation level of approximately 7 400 TWh in 2030, aligning with the Net Zero Scenario, from the current 1 000 TWh requires annual average generation growth of about 25% during 2022-2030.



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