California needs to move on from net metering, advocates, industry and utility leaders say

Emma Penrod

“Here in California, we are in a period of relatively extreme rate inflation,” said Matt Baker, director of the Public Advocates Office for the State of California. Rates have increased some 50-80% in the San Diego region, and Baker said his office had determined that net metering was responsible for 15-25% of that increase. In some cases, he said, these increased rates have deterred California homeowners from taking steps such as installing heat pumps, which threatens the state’s overall climate goals.

“We can’t afford the increase in rates,” Baker said. “Our climate experiment is too important to crash on the shoals of high costs.”

Wright noted that Sunrun, too, is ready to move on from net metering by expanding their services from simply solar panel installation to include a variety of offerings, including charging stations for electric vehicles and home electrification, which should benefit the grid. But the current focus is storage, he said.

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