About Us

CaliforniaSolar has been created as a public service and information source by the Stanford Transportation Group LLC (STG). STG provides industry-specialized consulting services to the aircraft, transportation and energy industries. In addition to its headquarters in San Francisco, STG has affiliates in Washington and Tokyo. The company is committed to providing manufacturers, operators and all manner of related service providers, distinct value-added services in such management consulting disciplines as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Market planning and competitive assessments
  • Technology Assessment
  • Policy Analysis.

CaliforniaSolar is maintained by a team of passionate and dedicated researchers, writers, and bloggers, under the supervision of the Managing Director of STG, Gerald W. Bernstein.

For more than thirty years, Mr. Bernstein has been at the leading edge of the transportation and energy industries, as a consultant, researcher, and writer. At SRI International he held a variety of project management and general management positions, becoming Director of the Transportation, Manufacturing and Environmental Center. Subsequently, he co-founded and directed the Stanford Transportation Group. For the past five years, STG has supported the US Department of Energy’s SunShot solar program.

Mr. Bernstein holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.