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Solar Installations in California, as in most states, are classified as Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale. This section provides news related to major Utility Scale developments, with partial coverage of the more significant Commercial developments and collective Residential capacity growth. Community Solar projects are reported in a later section.

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PG&E Free: Revolutionary Energy at Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma, California

With big bucks, access to the latest technology and technological wizards, citizens can by-pass PG&E. That’s what Mac and Leslie McQuown have done at Stone Edge Farm, a model of organic agriculture and a center for innovation in the field of energy. Read More →

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MCE completes 3-MW solar project in Napa County, California

California community choice aggregation (CCA) MCE has completed its first local, renewable energy project in Napa County, California. Along with developer Renewable Properties, MCE held a ribbon cutting for the 3-MW American Canyon Solar Project this month. Read More →

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Los Angeles has lined up record-cheap solar power. But there’s a problem

Los Angeles has been sitting on a contract for record-cheap solar power for more than a month — and city officials declined to approve it Tuesday because of concerns raised by the city-run utility’s labor union. Under the 25-year contract with developer 8minute Solar Energy, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power would pay less than 2 cents per kilowatt-hour — the lowest price ever paid for solar power in the United States. Read More →

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Solar Panels at Data Center to Save State Millions

The California Department of Technology and the Department of General Services are touting the energy efficiency and resulting savings from a solar canopy in the parking lot of the state’s main data center in Rancho Cordova. Read More →

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Kroger Announces its Largest Solar Energy Project to Date

Ralphs, a subsidiary of The Kroger Co., recently announced the installation of a photovoltaic solar power array at its automated distribution center in Paramount, Calif., a 555,000-square-foot building that provides products to 190 Ralphs stores and 95 Food 4 Less stores throughout Southern California. Read More →

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