Traveling about California for business and pleasure, I’ve been struck by the diversity of ecological regions and vegetation types. In well less than a day, one can experience fog-enveloped beach dunes and desert scrub, prairie grasslands and alpine vistas, or the world’s most massive trees and the world’s oldest trees. In an effort to capture the uniqueness of each region, I bring a camera (and cell phone).

As I’ve awaken to each regions’ distinctness, the more I’ve became aware of the challenges of keeping the beauty we have as it’s threatened by climate change, development, fires, drought, diseases, infestations and invasive species. This awareness leads me to share my photographs on this site and through local exhibits. It’s my hope that appreciating what we have increases our awareness of what we’re at risk of losing. And increases our motivation to take action to preserve it.

Finally, I hope these pictures from around California (and those at the end from other states and countries) encourage you to wander about. There is a substantial volume of research citing the mental health benefits of time “in nature.” These findings suggest that walking through some of the locations pictured (or forested or grassland areas in your own neighborhood) would be time well spent.

Gerald Bernstein, Editor, CaliforniaSolar.

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