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Inside SoCal Edison’s Plan to Open Its Grid to Distributed Energy

By Jeff St. John, Greentech Media

Two years ago, California told its three big investor-owned utilities to do something they’ve never done before — make distributed energy resources (DERs for short) a fundamental part of their billion-dollar distribution grid investment plans.

Under state law AB 327, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric were tasked with finding a way to integrate solar PV, behind-the-meter batteries, electric vehicle chargers, building energy management systems, and other distributed energy resources into a new set of distribution resource plans (DRPs). The DRP planning process has been the subject of much debate and scrutiny over the past year, because they have profound implications for how rooftop PV installers, energy storage developers, demand response providers and other third-party DER companies will do business in the state.

Now, with Wednesday’s deadline for utilities to file their plans with the CPUC, the wait is over — and we’ve got details on how one utility is putting its grid-edge plan together. This week, Southern California Edison shared some fundamental features of its DRP, including some new software tools and methodologies to assess distribution grid capacity, the way it plans to assess the costs and benefits of DERs for its upcoming rate case, and new pilot projects to test these propositions in the real world.

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